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My way of being and my philosophy
 Is “Just do it, and God will help me”
Act now, and the power will come
Aid will follow, life will be awesome

In return for abundance and wealth
Which are  only secondary to my health
I will improve my skills everyday
Which will give me a sumptuous pay
Why do I want this lifestyle? I asked
It is not just for me, that I realized.
To help the poor and extend my hand
It is important; I am on a higher ground
Where my attention goes, my energy flows
In my mind there is definiteness of goals
Focus, focus, focus, to the point of obsession
And never allow any kind of distraction
I am a winner and I will never quit
I’ll keep on knocking until my knuckles bleed
Blood, sweat, and tears, when mixed together
A great formula to be a winner
Stop mocking me, my enemies
Don’t’ gloat over me, you -my critics
The fight is not over until it is won
The last laugh will be heard is my own
We all came to this world, naked and scared
But God Almighty makes me brave
With humility I accept that life will pass on
But its always good to sing my heart’s song


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